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About Epitome Hardware


Epitome Hardware manufactures quality door hardware, cabinet hardware and bathroom hardware made of Stainless Steel and Forged Solid Brass.

The term stainless steel refers to chromium-alloy steels that evolved from the work of many metallurgists in Europe beginning in the early 1800's. Patents were issued to a number of European companies beginning in 1900 for the commercial application of this interesting new product which resisted rust, required little maintenance, and was strong and attractive.

During the 1920's and 30's, architects and designers began specifying stainless steel for their projects. They were excited about this new material which had beauty as well as strength, and was resistant to water and heat. Stainless steel soon became equated with modernity and sophistication.

The 1950's brought about an unprecedented public interest in contemporary design forms, and stainless steel again emerged in widespread use. It was viewed as trend-setting material desired by consumers who wished to create a unique living environment.

Today there is great interest in stainless steel and its varied applications. It offers a showcase for the discerning consumer-strength and practicality combined with a modern streamlined appearance-a bold and innovative look for the 21st century.


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