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Yale Residential Hardware Sitemap

     »  Key In Knobsets
          »  YH Collection Knobs
               »  YH Collection Bridgeport (BP) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-26 Bridgeport Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-75 Bridgeport Classroom Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-80 Bridgeport Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-70 Bridgeport Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-60 Bridgeport One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-10 Bridgeport Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-20 Bridgeport Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-BP-78 Bridgeport Storeroom Knob
               »  YH Collection Cambridge (CB) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-26 Cambridge Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-75 Cambridge Classroom Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-80 Cambridge Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-70 Cambridge Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-60 Cambridge One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-10 Cambridge Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-20 Cambridge Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-CB-78 Cambridge Storeroom Knob
               »  YH Collection Dartmouth (DM) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-26 Dartmouth Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-75 Dartmouth Classroom Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-80 Dartmouth Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-70 Dartmouth Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-60 Dartmouth One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-10 Dartmouth Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-20 Dartmouth Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-DM-78 Dartmouth Storeroom Knob
               »  YH Collection Oxford (XF) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-26 Oxford Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-75 Oxford Classroom Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-80 Oxford Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-70 Oxford Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-60 Oxford One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-10 Oxford Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-20 Oxford Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-XF-78 Oxford Storeroom Knob
               »  YH Collection Stratford (ST) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-70 Statford Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-26 Stratford Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-75 Stratford Classroom Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-80 Stratford Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-60 Stratford One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-10 Stratford Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-20 Stratford Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YH-ST-78 Stratford Storeroom Knob
          »  Design Elements Knobs
               »  Design Elements Ellipse (ELP) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware DE-ELP-80 Design Elements Ellipse Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware DE-ELP-70 Design Elements Ellipse Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware DE-ELP-10 Design Elements Ellipse Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware DE-ELP-20 Design Elements Ellipse Privacy Knob
               »  Design Elements Demi Round (DMR) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware DE-DMR-80 Design Elements Demi Round Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware DE-DMR-10 Design Elements Demi Round Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware DE-DMR-20 Design Elements Demi Round Privacy Knob
          »  New Traditions Knobs
               »  New Traditions Cirrus (C) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-226 New Traditions Cirrus Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-80 New Traditions Cirrus Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-700 New Traditions Cirrus Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-160 New Traditions Cirrus One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-100 New Traditions Cirrus Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-200 New Traditions Cirrus Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-C-780 New Traditions Cirrus Storeroom Knob
               »  New Traditions Horizon (H) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-226 New Traditions Horizon Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-80 New Traditions Horizon Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-700 New Traditions Horizon Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-160 New Traditions Horizon One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-100 New Traditions Horizon Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-200 New Traditions Horizon Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-H-780 New Traditions Horizon Storeroom Knob
               »  New Traditions Terra (T) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-226 New Traditions Terra Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-80 New Traditions Terra Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-700 New Traditions Terra Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-160 New Traditions Terra One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-100 New Traditions Terra Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-200 New Traditions Terra Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-780 New Traditions Terra Storeroom Knob
               »  New Traditions Valley (V) Knobs
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-226 New Traditions Valley Bath Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-80 New Traditions Valley Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-700 New Traditions Valley Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-160 New Traditions Valley One Sided w/Plate Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-100 New Traditions Valley Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-200 New Traditions Valley Privacy Knob
                         Yale Hardware NT-V-780 New Traditions Valley Storeroom Knob
          »  YE Edge Series Knobsets
               »  YE Edge Series Athens Knobsets
                         Yale Hardware YE-ATHENS-80 Edge Series Athens Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YE-ATHENS-70 Edge Series Athens Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YE-ATHENS-10 Edge Series Athens Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YE-ATHENS-20 Edge Series Athens Privacy Knob
               »  YE Edge Series Sinclair Knobsets
                         Yale Hardware YE-SINCLAIR-80 Edge Series Sinclair Dummy Knob
                         Yale Hardware YE-SINCLAIR-70 Edge Series Sinclair Entry Knob
                         Yale Hardware YE-SINCLAIR-10 Edge Series Sinclair Passage Knob
                         Yale Hardware YE-SINCLAIR-20 Edge Series Sinclair Privacy Knob
     »  Tubular Entrysets
          »  YH Collection Handlesets
               »  YH Collection Fairfield (F) Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware YH-944 Fairfield Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-984 Fairfield Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-924 Fairfield Single Cylinder Handleset
               »  YH Collection Homestead (H) Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware YH-946 Homestead Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-986 Homestead Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-926 Homestead Single Cylinder Handleset
               »  YH Collection Jamestown (J) Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware YH-947 Jamestown Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-987 Jamestown Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-927 Jamestown Single Cylinder Handleset
               »  YH Collection Victoria (V) Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware YH-983 Victoria Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware YH-923 Victoria Single Cylinder Handleset
          »  Design Elements Handlesets
               »  Design Elements Ovation Interconnected Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware DE-OVA-98 Design Elements Ovation Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware DE-OVA-650 Design Elements Ovation Single Cylinder Interior Knob Handleset
                         Yale Hardware DE-OVA-651 Design Elements Ovation Single Cylinder Interior Lever Handleset
               »  Design Elements Pedestal Interconnected Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware DE-PED-98 Design Elements Pedestal Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware DE-PED-650 Design Elements Pedestal Single Cylinder Interior Knob Handleset
                         Yale Hardware DE-PED-651 Design Elements Pedestal Single Cylinder Interior Lever Handleset
                         Yale Hardware 07E701 Extension Kit for Design Elements Oil Rubbed Bronze
               »  Design Elements Acclaim Non-Interconnected Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware DE-ACC-98 Design Elements Acclaim Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware DE-ACC-926 Design Elements Acclaim Single Cylinder Handleset
          »  New Traditions Handlesets
               »  New Traditions El Dorado Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware NT-E-541 New Traditions El Dorado Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-E-581 New Traditions El Dorado Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-E-521 New Traditions El Dorado Single Cylinder Handleset
               »  New Traditions McKinley Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware NT-M-642 New Traditions McKinley Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-M-682 New Traditions McKinley Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-M-622 New Traditions McKinley Single Cylinder Handleset
               »  New Traditions Rainier Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware NT-R-643 New Traditions Rainier Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-R-683 New Traditions Rainier Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-R-623 New Traditions Rainier Single Cylinder Handleset
               »  New Traditions Teton Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-641 New Traditions Teton Double Cylinder Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-681 New Traditions Teton Dummy Handleset
                         Yale Hardware NT-T-621 New Traditions Teton Single Cylinder Handleset
          »  YE Edge Series Handlesets
               »  YE Edge Series Lenoir Handlesets
                         Yale Hardware YE-LENOIR-HS Edge Series Lenoir Handleset
     »  Key In Leversets
          »  YH Collection Levers
               »  YH Collection Academy (AC) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-22 Academy Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-76 Academy Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-81 Academy Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-72 Academy Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-71 Academy Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-61 Academy One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-11 Academy Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-21 Academy Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-AC-79 Academy Storeroom Lever
               »  YH Collection Cascade (CS) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-22 Cascade Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-76 Cascade Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-81 Cascade Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-72 Cascade Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-71 Cascade Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-61 Cascade One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-11 Cascade Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-21 Cascade Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CS-79 Cascade Storeroom Lever
               »  YH Collection Citadel (CD) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-22 Citadel Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-76 Citadel Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-81 Citadel Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-72 Citadel Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-71 Citadel Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-61 Citadel One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-11 Citadel Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-21 Citadel Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-CD-79 Citadel Storeroom Lever
               »  YH Collection Lafayette (LF) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-LF-22 Lafayette Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-LF-81 Lafayette Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-LF-72 Lafayette Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-LF-61 Lafayette One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-LF-11 Lafayette Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-LF-21 Lafayette Privacy Lever
               »  YH Collection Marina (MA) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-22 Marina Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-76 Marina Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-81 Marina Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-71 Marina Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-61 Marina One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-11 Marina Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-21 Marina Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MA-79 Marina Storeroom Lever
               »  YH Collection McClure (MC) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-22 McClure Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-76 McClure Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-81 McClure Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-72 McClure Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-71 McClure Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-61 McClure One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-11 McClure Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-21 McClure Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MC-79 McClure Storeroom Lever
               »  YH Collection Milan (MN) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-22 Milan Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-81 Milan Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-72 Milan Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-71 Milan Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-61 Milan One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-11 Milan Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-MN-21 Milan Privacy Lever
               »  YH Collection Norwood (NW) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-22 Norwood Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-76 Norwood Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-81 Norwood Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-72 Norwood Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-71 Norwood Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-61 Norwood One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-11 Norwood Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-21 Norwood Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NW-79 Norwood Storeroom Lever
               »  YH Collection Nottingham (NT) Levers
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-22 Nottingham Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-76 Nottingham Classroom Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-81 Nottingham Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-72 Nottingham Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-71 Nottingham Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-61 Nottingham One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-11 Nottingham Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-21 Nottingham Privacy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YH-NT-79 Nottingham Storeroom Lever
          »  Design Elements Levers
               »  Design Elements Laurel (LRL) Levers
                         Yale Hardware DE-LRL-81 Design Elements Laurel Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-LRL-11 Design Elements Laurel Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-LRL-21 Design Elements Laurel Privacy Lever
               »  Design Elements Palladian (PAL) Levers
                         Yale Hardware DE-PAL-81 Design Elements Palladian Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-PAL-11 Design Elements Palladian Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-PAL-21 Design Elements Palladian Privacy Lever
               »  Design Elements Savoye (SVY) Levers
                         Yale Hardware DE-SVY-81 Design Elements Savoye Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-SVY-11 Design Elements Savoye Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-SVY-21 Design Elements Savoye Privacy Lever
               »  Design Elements Wingate (WNG) Levers
                         Yale Hardware DE-WNG-81 Design Elements Wingate Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-WNG-71 Design Elements Wingate Entry Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-WNG-11 Design Elements Wingate Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware DE-WNG-21 Design Elements Wingate Privacy Lever
          »  New Traditions Levers
               »  New Traditions Mesa (ML) Levers
                         Yale Hardware NT-ML-221 New Traditions Mesa Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-ML-81 New Traditions Mesa Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-ML-701 New Traditions Mesa Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware NT-ML-161 New Traditions Mesa One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-ML-101 New Traditions Mesa Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-ML-201 New Traditions Mesa Privacy Lever
               »  New Traditions Prairie (PL) Levers
                         Yale Hardware NT-PL-221 New Traditions Prairie Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-PL-81 New Traditions Prairie Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-PL-701 New Traditions Prairie Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware NT-PL-161 New Traditions Prairie One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-PL-101 New Traditions Prairie Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-PL-201 New Traditions Prairie Privacy Lever
               »  New Traditions Savannah (SL) Levers
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-221 New Traditions Savannah Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-81 New Traditions Savannah Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-701 New Traditions Savannah Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-771 New Traditions Savannah Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-161 New Traditions Savannah One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-101 New Traditions Savannah Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-SL-201 New Traditions Savannah Privacy Lever
               »  New Traditions Woodland (WL) Levers
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-221 New Traditions Woodland Bath Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-81 New Traditions Woodland Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-701 New Traditions Woodland Entry Lever (Knob/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-771 New Traditions Woodland Entry Lever (Lever/Lever)
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-161 New Traditions Woodland One Sided w/Plate Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-101 New Traditions Woodland Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware NT-WL-201 New Traditions Woodland Privacy Lever
          »  YE Edge Series Levers
               »  YE Edge Series Keowee Levers
                         Yale Hardware YE-KEOWEE-81 Edge Series Keowee Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YE-KEOWEE-71 Edge Series Keowee Entry Lever
                         Yale Hardware YE-KEOWEE-11 Edge Series Keowee Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YE-KEOWEE-21 Edge Series Keowee Privacy Lever
               »  YE Edge Series Alpharetta Levers
                         Yale Hardware YE-ALPHARETTA-81 Edge Series Alpharetta Dummy Lever
                         Yale Hardware YE-ALPHARETTA-71 Edge Series Alpharetta Entry Lever
                         Yale Hardware YE-ALPHARETTA-11 Edge Series Alpharetta Passage Lever
                         Yale Hardware YE-ALPHARETTA-21 Edge Series Alpharetta Privacy Lever
     »  Brass Deadbolts
          »  YH Collections Deadbolts
                    Yale Hardware YH-82 YH 82 Premier Single Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware YH-83 YH 83 Select Single Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware YH-84 YH 84 Premier Double Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware YH-85 YH 85 Select Double Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware YH-87 YH 87 Select One-Sided Deadbolt with Plate
          »  Design Elements Deadbolts
                    Yale Hardware DE-82-MDL DE 82 Medallion Single Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware DE-82-OVL DE 82 Ovallette Single Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware DE-82-RND DE 82 Rondel Single Cylinder Deadbolt
          »  New Traditions Deadbolts
                    Yale Hardware NT-810 New Traditions 810 Dummy Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware NT-820 New Traditions 820 Single Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware NT-840 New Traditions 840 Double Cylinder Deadbolt
                    Yale Hardware NT-860 New Traditions 860 One Sided Deadbolt with plate
                    Yale Hardware NT-880 New Traditions 880 One Way Deadbolt
          »  YE Edge Series Deadbolts
                    Yale Hardware YE-SCDB YE Edge Single Cylinder Deadbolt
     »  Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locksets
               Yale Hardware YRD210 Real Living Single Cylinder Push Button Deadbolt Keyless Entry
               Yale Hardware YRD220 Real Living Single Cylinder Touchscreen Deadbolt Keyless Entry